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( Quest 1 for Agate in Chatelaine Opal's Court!) 
     The sound of heavy footsteps echoed through the halls as the new general made her approach to the Throne Room. The blue gem scratched the back of her messy, short hair nervously. "I still can't believe I'm being trusted of being a general...heh, Holly Blue probably had a heart attack when she got the news. I do wonder if I'll be able to nap as much as I used to..." The tall gem thought innocently. Despite the threatening nature Agates were made to have, the general was more...laid-back. She always enjoyed napping and joking with others. When it came to torturing gems, she had some amusement; but this started to fade away quickly as guilt began tearing into her heart from the victim's screaming and crying. This caused her to be constantly discriminated by other Agates, which lead to beating and persistant scolding. Now that the young gem had been removed from the Blue Diamond's court and moved, she
:iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 9 18
Huggle! :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 11 24
Apatite Profile (Updated)
Originally made by: Karilya
Name/Gem: Apatite
> Apa (Adopted Name)
> Willow (Real Name)
> Kid (Tiger's Eye & Agate) 
> Cellular Activation— Apa can activate the cells inside the gem's physical body and speed up the healing process, healing any wounds. 
> Dark Light Manipulation— When Apa is filled with intense negative energy, she can use her gem to manipulate the negativity to form weapons she's familiar with as well as barriers. However, she is not trained well in this ability, so she can easily become corrupted.
> Light Aura— She does better controlling more positive energy and uses it for similar purposes like when manipulating dark light. However, it is not as strong and is mostly used for defense. 
Gender Pronouns: She/Her
Romantic Orientation: Demi-Homoromantic
Gem Placement: Left hand
History/Backstory: Apa was one of the princesses of SOL (Stars of Leo) before joining Chatelaine Opal'
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Tsavorite! -Agate x Emerald Gemling- :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 13 18 Howlite -Commission- :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 3 7 Blue Lace Agate -Commission- :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 4 11 Chrysophrase -Commission- :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 4 4 Jade the Rogue :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 16 28 Mistrite the Sovereign (COC) :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 10 12 Agate Flirting (COC) :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 16 22 Fire and Ice (Relationship Call and Quest 2A) :iconblizzardshine000:Blizzardshine000 11 61



Original by: TillDeathDies

Choose three characters to participate.
Hint: the unlucky number is 2, and the romantic ones are 1 and 3.

1. Creamrose Pearl
2. Tear
3. Agate

Tell me a little about yourselves.

( Too lazy to do this part xD ) 

Now that that's out of the way, write what would happen under each of the following circumstances, replacing numbers with the characters they represent:

2 tells 3 about their greatest fear.

Agate looked at Tear with curiosity, an eyebrow raised. " What IS your greatest fear, Tear? Heh, that rhymed..." She giggled to herself. 
Tear trembled slightly and thought. " I-I guess it would be losing my entire family as well as friends." She admitted, earning a understanding nod from the general. 

The characters have to share a room. The room has only one bed, and the bed is only big enough for two people to sleep in. 

Agate flopped on the bed, taking it all.
Tear glared at her annoyingly. " Guess it's not for two ANYMORE. Fine, Cream and I can sleep on the floor!" She exclaimed before seeing the small gem sleeping on Agate's belly. Tear pouted and laid on the cold floor. " Or I can..." She grumbled. 

The characters decide to have a karaoke night, however, the karaoke machine is incredibly hard to set up and the instructions are in Korean. 1 and 3 are forced to set it up. 

Tear watched with amusement as the two gems looked at the device. After looking at the instructions and looking back at the machine, Agate picked it up and walked out of the room. 
" W-What is s-she doing?" Cream squeaked, earning a shrug from Tear. 
Agate walked into the throne room and stood in front of the Chatelaine, who was filing reports. 
" Evening Agate, like the machine I g-"
The general threw the device at the leader, hard. " FFFFUCK NO!" She exclaimed before bolting from the room before facing the gem's wrath. 

2 and 3, describe 1 in ten words or less.

Tear spoke first. " Cream is kind and adorable." She said, earning a blush from the smaller gem. 
" I think she's cute and hard working." Agate admitted kindly. 
Cream smiled soft and blushed boldly at the compliments. " T-Thanks..." She squeaked. 

2 is being chased by a serial killer; they go to 1's house to hide out.

Tear rushed to Cream's room and knocked on the door rapidly. The small pearl heard and opened it slightly. " Y-Yes?" She asked shyly. 
" Let me in, please!" Tear exclaimed, fear in her eyes. 
The gem nodded and allowed the soldier to enter, trembling a lot. " A serial killer is after me..." Tear panted. 
" What?! H-How come?!" Cream exclaimed. 
" I poured pink paint all over her and dropped the bucket on her head by accident." Tear admitted. 
" TEAR!!!" Roared a familiar, deep voice. 
" Aussie's gonna kill me." Tear murmured, earning an innocent nod from the small pearl. 

I just decided to do a few of them and not all, just so I can get back into writing somewhat. ^u^ Enjoy the insanity within ChatelaineOpalsCourt
Note, the Chatelaine belongs to DeadlyNightShade7753 ! (Who I shall tag for this meme if ya want to do it! xD ) 


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"The wind is rising, we must try to live..."

-Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises"

“You may not like what's happening, but just accept it, and let's try to live together. Even if you feel angry, let's be patient and endure, let's try to live together. I've realized that this is the only way forward.” -Hayao Miyazaki

"It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do." -Lightning Farron "Final Fantasy XIII"

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Howdy! My name is Blizzardshine & welcome to my gallery! I am a kind-hearted nerd that's always striving to improve on my art, characters, and writing! Most of the art you'll find in my gallery are traditional, I also love to draw fan art and my own characters. ^u^ I hope you all enjoy my gallery and have an awesome day!
I ship many characters, including my own characters w/ those from canon, so please respect them! I am COMPLETELY fine if you don't like them! Also, I'm complete shoujo-ai/yuri trash xD

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